Lessons Learned In 40 Years

Lessons Learned in 40 years

1.  Choosing to not forgive someone is always more damaging to me than the person I choose not to forgive.
2.  Living gratefully helps time slow down and helps me enjoy every moment more.
3.  Kindness and gentleness have gotten me to a much better place in life than harshness and selfishness.
4.  Sometimes we have to make decisions that are right for our family that offend other people.
5.  Humility is a better way than pride.
6.  Things and people don’t have to be perfect for me to walk in love, peace, and joy!
7.  If I have unfair and unrealistic expectations of others, I always end up disappointed.
8.  Reading God’s word and applying it to my life changes me everyday, little by little into the person I desire to be.
9.  Doing the right things consistently doesn’t always bring change as quickly as I would like it to.(only losing 4 lbs in the 3 months that I have been trying.) But quitting and giving up NEVER bring change.
10. Right is right no matter what the circumstances are.
11. Having a great marriage takes intentional effort.
12. Just when we thought we had parenting figured out, our kids became teenagers and its as if we have started playing a whole new ballgame.
13. Sometimes God does put more on us than we can handle so that we recognize our need for Him(so we don’t think we can do it all without Him.)
14. I can learn so much from our children and I always want to be open to what they have to teach me.
15. My husband is usually right!
16. I love a new haircut and a Mani/Pedi.
17.  Having each of my children help me in the kitchen one day a week has created something with each of them that I believe will have a positive, long-term, lasting effect on our relationship.
18.  A few friends that will love you at your worst are a treasure and a gift!
19.  Daughters and sons are different but one is not easier than the other.