Again, this year I chose a word at the beginning of the year to be my “WORD.”  I’ve done this for a couple of years and I typically study the word, its meaning, look for examples of it in the Bible and then try to live my day to day life with that word guiding my thoughts and actions.
     This year, HONOR is my word.  I thought it was an interesting word and really wasn’t sure how it would play out this year.  I have been shocked at the number of times I have had the opportunity to choose HONOR over dishonor… with my thoughts, words, and actions.

     In Romans 12:10, the Bible says “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”…TAKE DELIGHT IN HONORING each other!! Who are each others???Our children, our neighbors, our co-workers, our bosses, our parents, our spouses and even our President.  As a parent, I am fully aware that my children don’t always agree with what I say or the rules that I implement, but, I do encourage them that to live a life that honors and glorifies God they should Honor their parents.  On this day, I am reminding myself to Honor our President, eventhough he and I would disagree in many areas…

    As I keep reading in Romans 12, I am encouraged to “REJOICE in our confident hope(Jesus), BE PATIENT in trouble and KEEP ON PRAYING/  When God’s people are in need, BE READY TO HELP them.  BLESS those who persecute you and DON’T CURSE THEM; and PRAY that GOD will BLESS them.  BE HAPPY with those who are happy and WEEP with those who weep.  LIVE IN HARMONY with each other. DON’T BE TOO PROUD to enjoy the company of ordinary people and DON”T THINK YOU KNOW IT ALL.”  The things in bold are what I will choose to do, not because they are  easy, not because I agree with the plans of our President, but because HONOR is what I believe is right.   I can trust that God knew the outcome of the election long ago and He still saw fit to let the sun rise this morning.  I will continue to pray for him and the leaders of our country and ask God to BLESS HIM with wisdom.  I choose HONOR today because it is RIGHT!