A Fuller Life

Not long after we had Elijah, we started attending Joy Church and there were very few families with little ones. The church itself was pretty young but over the next few months lots of young families started attending. I’ll never forget the first day I met Kosara Fuller. She had three children around the same ages as Landon and Elijah. I’m not sure I’d ever met someone so full of JOY. It absolutely oozed out of her that day and every day there after.

 I remember her telling me that people called her Kosa, which I mistakenly wrote as Casa for who knows how long.  It seemed fitting though, because Casa means home and anyone who ever knew Kosa felt instantly at home, like they had found a safe place. Speaking of home, hers was the coziest, most inviting. In the spring and summer there were always fresh cut flowers from their yard and if she was coming to visit you, she’d bring some with her in a repurposed salsa jar with a little ribbon around  it.  She was  just cool like that! She had such a gift of hospitality! Her home wasn’t showy but her touches everywhere made it exquisite and each detail had purpose and memories attached.  In the winter it was always warmed with the greatest roaring fires, with cups of hot tea served from mugs that told stories.  Shelves and shelves of books that they read as a family regularly, taking adventures to far away lands. 

One cool thing about the Fullers was the actual adventures they prioritized taking as a family, often inviting others to tag along. We had the privelege on several occasions to camp, ride the Virginia Creeper Trail, build sandcastles and snowmen together. 

Our older four children have very few memories from their younger years that don’t include at least one Fuller, they were our kids first friends. I will forever be grateful for the investment Randy and Kosa made in to our family and our marriage.

We homeschooled our children and went on field trips and did co ops. We celebrated so many birthdays together. Our husbands were ordained as ministers at the same time. We served and learned and prayed side by side for years and it was an honor.

She and a group of more experienced moms invited me to attend a small group with them…Oh, those ladies were so rich in wisdom, and grace, and gentleness….I wanted to soak them up like a sponge every time we were together.

Kosa poured herself out to everyone she met. She valued others so highly.  She cared for others so deeply.  She represented Jesus and loved Him so well! 

To know Kosa was to know Love. She will be so missed by so many, her absence will be excruciating, but because we’ve known Kosa our lives will be FULLER and I’m so grateful that because of Jesus, we will spend eternity together!



5 thoughts on “A Fuller Life

  1. So beautifully written. I believe that gracious woman would be honored to read it. I can see her put her hand on her chest, tilt head slightly, and then that glorious smile.

  2. I knew and loved Kosa, too. She was a rare and exquisite gem who exuded God’s grace and glory. I know the Lord has welcomed her home. Kiss the Son, Kosara! Kiss the Son.

  3. Alison, this so captures our Kosa and her sweet family. I have those same kind of memories even though our children were older. Your words warmed me like those big words paring fire did. Beautiful.

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