One Day

We are all in different phases of parenting our children and my list reflects where we are now. September 2009. Almost 14 years into parenting 6 magnificent children that have taught me more about being selfish and selfless than I ever thought I needed to know. I can remember my momma saying that “the older you get the faster it goes” referring to time and it is so true. There are so many things that I don’t remember about the last fourteen years that I wish I could just rewind and relive. Some of those things I thought would never come to an end but they did (12 years of buying diapers). Some things that I said I never wanted to forget but I have. I have often said jokingly to Rick, when something really irritates me that “One Day, I will Miss….” and tonight I just thought I should write some of them down because one day I am going to need a reminder that there was a time when these things irritated me to no end. Right now, I don’t miss the days of changing diapers, I don’t miss infant carriers or carrying pack-n-plays, exersaucers, and strollers, on and off of the beach. I don’t miss wearing several different types of body fluids on the same shirt(snot, throw up, slobber, breast milk, blood, pee and poop). I don’t miss croup during the middle of the night and wondering if he was going to make it to the hospital. I don’t miss babies being listless and limp from high fevers. I don’t miss nasty little jars of baby food, but I do miss the smell of sweet little babies after a bath. I do miss the sound of a newborns cry. I am going to have a long running list of these things that I will miss one day and I think I will share a few each day….feel free to add on some of the things that you will miss one day when your children are grown and gone.
Some of you are in the “One day” phase and I am sure you have such a different perspective…Please share.

One Day I will Miss:
-Opening the fridge to find an empty milk carton.
-Dirty Dishes on the Cabinet.
-Crumbs on the Floor.
-Not being able to find the remote.
-My towels not being neatly folded in my linen closet.

But for today, I will be thankful for the opportunity to serve, love, and learn to become who I was created to be!!!

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